as songwriter, singer and keyboard player marta collaborates to the different recording and live projects
of an international community of musicians and artists.


Marta started writing and performing songs with Hugo Race, Australian performer, songwriter and producer, since they met in Melbourne during the production of her first studio album together with the band "Micevice". Inspired by the mystique of old European films the pair use found materials such as retro samples and major sevenths to create cinematic atmospheres, vintage pop and electronic exotica. Echoes On is the last album of the Sepiatone trilogy (2015), and the mark of a collaboration finally coming into its own.



John Parish

John Parish is an accomplished composer, solo artist, producer and collaborator, known for his work with PJ Harvey , Eels, Giant Sand and others. Marta since 2005 is a member of his band, playing keyboard and singing in studio and touring for live concerts. Together with the other members Giorgia Poli, Jeremy Hogg, Jean Marc Butty , recorded together with him three albums - Screenplay (2013), Plum (2007), Once Upon A Little Time (2005). The band is curently working on a new album.

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"Silent Town" is the record Marta wrote and recorded in collaboration with the palestinian-italian group Dounia.
Together with Dounia Marta created an entrancing and evocative collection of songs crossing the borders of folk, experimentation and Middle Eastern sonorities. The record was released last May in Italy through Viceversa Records / Audioglobe


Playing Carver 2013 low.jpg

Playing Carver

From 2012 Marta takes part as writer and performer to a music production unfolding in an intensive series of Parisian workshops, recordings and shows based on the writings and the universe of American writer Raymond Carver, together with the French band Atlas Crocodile, Marc Chonier (Gaspard La Nuit) and John Parish.
The collective of musicians, called Playing Carver, on the 22th of September 2014 released their first album and toured intensively in France.


Sepiatone_EchoesOn cd cover
with Rachel Maio
snapshot from "Future n.1" video
with Atlas Crocodile-flyer concert
with Dounia
Dounia - Silent Town
Jeff and Robi in Paris
with Rachel Maio
Maria -  Bristol
poster Sepiatone
Marta and Ashwin Twins
concert in Paris
snapshot from Will We Know More video
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