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Marta Collica is an Italian songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Marta's voice is unmistakeable - beautifully emotive, dark and dreamy with a smouldering intensity. Now based in Berlin, she is a key member of the John Parish Band (composer and producer for PJ Harvey, Eels, Tracy Chapman etc) and is also well know for her long term collaboration with Australian songwriter Hugo Race with their duo, Sepiatone. Marta plays guitar, keyboards and percussion with an original style that combines minimal arrangements - seemingly delicate but also distorted, with an undercurrent of psychedelia. 

Marta currently is presenting her third solo album Inverno (2017) which she co-produced with guitarist and composer Cam Butler. It was recorded over a period of two years in Berlin, Melbourne, Paris and Italy and adds to her long, rich history of recordings and collaborations: her two solo albums - About Everything (2009), Pretty and Unsafe (2007) released in Italy and Germany; three albums as duo Sepiatone, most recently Echoes On (2015); three albums with John Parish Band - Screenplay (2013), Plum (2007), Once Upon A Little Time (2005); four albums with Hugo Race & The True Spirit; the Playing Carver album - a project inspired by the writings of Raymond Carver, written and recorded in Paris with Atlas Crocodile, Marc Chonier (Gaspard La Nuit) and John Parish, and last year's album Silent Town (2016), exploring borders between mediterranean world music and anglo songwriting, recorded with the italo-palestinian band Dounia.

- “Pop as a warm chill” - Intro
- “About Anything" is timeless and blurs the border between musical dreaming and obscurity. -MOTOR-DE
- “Her lyrics are a search for the voice of the streets at night. - SPEX


"INVERNO" ITALIAN And German Dates


live - 2017 - I N V E R N O dates

7 April - Firenze Circolo Arci Progresso
 8 April - Pergola Villa Tereze 
9 April - Terni Caffe Bugatti
12 April - Genova Teatro Bloser
25 Juni - Berlin  Rote Salon
with Deko, Rachel Maio, Martina Bertoni, Dodo NKishi
3 Juli - Ancona "La Punta Della Lingua" 
"Poeti da antologia"
Letture di Antonella Anedda e Giampiero Neri
Interventi musicali di Marta Collica (voce e chitarra) e Rachel Maio (violoncello)
6 Juli - Firenze "Estate a San Salvi" 
Sound and Vision
"City Blues" reading, di Vittorio Bongiorno con Marta Collica8 Juli - Firenze concerto al Gainsbarre di San Salvi
10 Juli - Mantova Arcipelago di Ocno 
Marta Collica e Rachel Maio special guest Giorgia Poli
20 October - Berlin Schokoladen
with full band
27 November - Berlin Badehaus
a night with Hugo Race, Michelangelo Russo, Mark Steiner, Deko
30 November - Berlin Marie Anoniette
with the Fan Club - a tribute to the Music of Phil Spector


Inverno Digipack Marta Collica

Inverno is distributed and promoted in Germany  by Solaris Empire / Broken Silence

Die klingt ein wenig wie eine Mischung aus Lisa Germano und Beth Gibbons,  weist aber auch zu ihren Hauptarbeitgebern John Parish und Hugo Race.
Eine Kleine Perle, man merkt es nur nicht gleich
(Der Neue Tag)

Erwähnen muss man´s schon: Marta Collica, Italienerin und Wahlberlinerin, ist Mitglied in der John Parish Band. Ja, PJ-Harvey Produzent Parish. Doch imGrunde ist das mäßig wichtig, denn den vor Leben vibrierenden Sound, den man mit diesem Namen verbindet, bekommt Collica auch selbst hin. Sacht und unprätentiös, mit einer Noir Note, die nie nach Pose, sondern nach aufrichtiger Liebe zum Alleinsein bei Nacht klingt.
(Zitty Magazine)

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